Friday, March 13, 2015

Devastation, Working on the ReBuild

There are moments in life that come along and give you pause.
Some that allow a second, or two, or ten, to reflect.
Some that throw you into a tailspin, reliving all that used to be and could have been . . .
Some that stop you quite literally in your tracks.
And then, there are some that are borderline cataclysmic. 

I've not had too many cataclysms in my life. 
I considered myself lucky. 
However, at present I find myself having to deal with quite a heavy blow.

My brother died. 

He was here one day and then gone the next.
I found out in the form of everyone's greatest fear: 
a phone call.
This particular one left me sobbing and collapsed upon the floor.

He was only 24. 

What all this means, 
is that everything has been put on hold for a while. 
Books will come along, 
when I feel up to writing them again,
but I can't say I'll be able to meet my originally stated deadlines. 

After all, there are more important things.

In the meantime, take a moment to tell those who matter to you that you love them.
Don't let them forget - even if you're mad.
It matters.
Do it Now,
because the sad truth is that
all too often "Later" becomes "Never."

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Born of Cedar and Sapphire - Excerpt!!!

Alright, so at long last, I'm writing again.
What this means for you is that the final book of The Caradoc Chronicles is underway.
I know . . . I can hardly believe it myself. 
Truthfully, I wish it wasn't.
I've loved this story and the characters so much,
that I just don't want to see it end.
Which means my brain is thinking up new things and you'll probably see more of them in the future.

However, the point of this post is to say that yes, I hope to deliver Born of Cedar and Sapphire as planned in October 2015. 

So, to get us started, I'm sharing the first, tentative, paragraph of chapter one. 

"Thunder growls deafeningly overhead. It is a sound I relish as it seems to move through me, charging, multiplying, and resonating, just before it breaks into a dissolute remembrance that leaves nothing more of itself behind. Within an instant the present has just joined the trifles of the past. A memory. A memory not unlike so many others. A moment of faded time that’s immediately been transposed into a sort living thing in itself. The very same run rampant within me. One can touch them, revel in past-felt sensations and thoughts, re-live with stark clarity a specific moment . . . but never again will any of it ever bring back what once was. Memories are as good as a death sentence, and in some ways they already are."
Copyright 2015 Marie McKean

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Book Review: "The Ritual" by Adam Nevill

The Ritual by Adam Nevill

You know that feeling you get when you're walking up a dark flight of stairs and you just can't help but feel/know that something terrifying is walking up right behind you? Well that feeling is the exact sentiment that accompanies you from the beginning of this book all the way until the very end. It is truly terrifying, and I'm not sure if it is because of the mental games that are being played out, the subject matter of the book, or if it is the combination of them both that come together to create the scariest book I have ever read. Either way, every word builds into a story that leaves you literally looking over your shoulder to make sure that you are only imagining that you are being watched, and later peering fearfully into the dark corners of your bedroom when you are trying to sleep. Its the kind of book that scars you for life. The kind of book that stays with you and haunts your thoughts for an eternity. The kind of book that makes it so that you will doubtfully ever be able to camp, let alone hike, in the woods again. Furthermore, I'm sure this book will be the fodder for most of my nightmares from this moment on.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stone Faced Angel - "Liebestraum" with lyrics by Franz Liszt

which means its time I share a song that was in my mind basically the whole time I was writing it.
"Liebestraum" by Franz Liszt . . . 
a song that also gets a mentioning in the book. 

Now, I'm not just talking about the song.
I'm also talking about the lyrics.
I know, right?
"Liebestraum" has lyrics?!

Why, yes, yes it does. 

These beauties come courtesy of a piece of sheet music I found in a dresser in my grandmother's basement.

At the time I found them I didn't think much about it,
but now, and as I was developing the entire story,
I came to think its a perfect song for Brandon and Maura.

Note: I made the video myself, which means it took hours of me agonizing over how exactly to do it.
Not easy - at all! However, you now get a view of my favorite sculpture and the 
sound of me playing the piano. 

Monday, December 29, 2014


Okay, so for the next while consider me banished from off of the face of the planet.
This banishment is completely self-inflicted.
Well . . . I've yet to figure that out,
but apparently,
it's on.